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The Story of Bounce SUP

About Bounce SUP Bounce SUP® was born of a distaste for dings. James Hedgecock, the founder of Bounce Composites® and Bounce SUP®, was first exposed to thermoplastic composite material while studying engineering at University of California Santa Barbara.  As an avid surfer, it occurred to him that there was a huge need for tough, high-performance boards and that thermoplastic composite material could be potentially fill that demand. Several years later, after working as a product manager in manufacturing, James actualized his ideas and thus Bounce Composites® was born. With our team of highly experienced craftsmen we have grown into exceptional manufacturers of stand up paddle boards, as well as other large continuous fiber thermoplastic parts, including hollow and core-filled objects. At Bounce SUP®... Read More

SUP Lower Body Workout

Watch this video and learn how to do a great lower body workout on your standup paddleboard! Read More

How to Stand Up Paddleboard

Watch this video so you can be prepared for your first time out on a standup paddle board.   Read More